Industry-College Partnership helps prevent female trafficking in closed gardens

Mumbai, 2019 Dec 06 Siliguri - Over a conversation between the legendary tea planter Mr. Rajah Banerjee of Rimpaocha Tea Siliguri and Campus Minister at Salesian College Sonada Father C.M. Paul on the impending peril of adolescent females being trafficked from the closed tea gardens in the Darjeeling Hills was born the Industry-College Partnership to provide skill training.  Read More »
Joaquim Fernandes

Psychology Head tries Uno game to fight smart phone addiction
Mumbai, 2019 Dec 06 Siliguri - In an attempt to fight mobile addiction which keeps students dissipated and isolated, Head of the Department of Psychology at Salesian College Siliguri Campus Father (Dr.) James Chacko has started a game of Uno to engage college students with one another and have a healthy and hilarious moment.  Read More »
Joaquim Fernandes

Peace Award for Salesian Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil SDB
Mumbai, 2019 Nov 26 The Delhi-based International Human Rights Council has announced an ''Ambassador for Peace'' Award for Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil Emeritus of Guwahati. The Award will be conferred on 9th December 2019 in New Delhi in the presence of invitees from all over the country and abroad. One of the earlier recipients of the Award is the Dalai Lama among many other internationally known figures.  Read More »
Joaquim Fernandes

Salesian Dictionary Launched
Mumbai, 2019 Nov 21 This dictionary has been published under the auspices of the East Asia-Oceania Region. It has been compiled over a long period of time covering two Workshops held by translators from the East Asia-Oceania Salesian region, one in 2014 the other in 2019. The Salesian Dictionary is a comprehensive effort to compile a list of terms in current (and sometimes in historical) use in Salesian discourse in English. Perhaps 98% of these terms have originated in Italian, some in the Piedmontese dialect, the vernacular of the founding Father and most of his first followers. But as Don Bosco's charism became established outside of Italy, it was inevitable that new terms would arise with their origins in other languages.  Read More »
Joaquim Fernandes

''Mission Today'' Editor, Father Paul Vadakumpadam passes away
Mumbai, 2019 Nov 18 Shillong - Professor Father Paul Vadakumpadam who was made president of Sacred Heart Theological College at Mawlai Shillong in August 2019 died of brain tumour discovered five months ago. Fr. Paul passed away at Sacred Heart Theological College at Mawlai, Shillong at 11.45 am on Monday 18 November 2019. He was 67 years old.  Read More »
Joaquim Fernandes

Hills College Wins International Award
Mumbai, 2019 Nov 16 Sonada - A college in Darjeeling hills has won an international award for Faculty Orientation and Strategic Planning. Salesian College Principal Dr George Thadathil and CEO of Leadership Inc Hong Kong Mr Mark J. Pixley were awarded IAF Silver Medal International Award by its Asia Head Ms Farah at the Umrao, New Delhi on 15 November 2019.  Read More »
Joaquim Fernandes

Cardinal Bo Releases Salesian College's 77 year history
Mumbai, 2019 Nov 15 Sonada - On a visit to Salesian College Sonada, President of Asian Bishops' Conference, Salesian Cardinal Charles Bo released the long awaited 'Salesian College - A History that Speaks Today', 7th November 2019. Salesian College: A History that Speaks Today' edited by Trophy D'Souza has some 450 pages covering a span of 77 years (1938 to 2015).  Read More »
Joaquim Fernandes

Twenty Seven Salesian Cooperators commit their lives to Service at Tiruchy
Tiruchy, 2019 Nov 15 The Salesian province of Tiruchy warmly welcomes the 27 new Salesian Cooperators, as they pronounced their personal apostolic promise on 10 November 2019 at Don Bosco Provincial House, Tiruchy.  Read More »
Lawrence Britto Ashok

Salesian Cardinal Concludes Week-long Visit to Northeast India
Mumbai, 2019 Nov 14 Guwahati - Salesian Cardinal Charles Maung Bo concluded his weeklong visit to the Northeast India on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, after a concluding concelebrated Mass in Salesian Provincial House, Guwahati, Assam. Cardinal Bo, the President of the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences (FABC) and Archbishop of Yangon, made his first ever visit to the region, known as the cradle of the Salesian missions in India.  Read More »
Joaquim Fernandes

The letter of the Councilor for Missions to sick and elderly Salesians
Mumbai, 2019 Nov 13 (ANS - Rome) - On the day of commemorating the departure of the first Salesian Missionary Expedition, on November 11th, in the year of the 150th Expedition, the General Councilor for the Missions, Fr Guillermo Basanes, sent, as per tradition, a letter to the elderly and sick Salesians.  Read More »
Joaquim Fernandes

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Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures [DBCIC] is a unique venture of the Salesians of Don Bosco in North East India to develop expert facilities for the preservation and promotion of numerous beautiful and diverse indigenous cultures of the region, of India in particular and in communion with indigenous cultures anywhere in the world.
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