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DOCTOR, CURE YOURSELF... following the path of HRBA
By John Tharakan
Hyderabad, Nov. 29. On 22nd and 23rd November 27 Human Rights Activists came together to share their experience of Human Rights praxis and to learn together the true meaning of Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) at Don Bosco Provincial House, Hyderabad. They had come from the four South Indian States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. What brought them together was their anguish that many people, otherwise well-intentioned, seemed to be rather averse to any talk of Human Rights or Social Justice. The idea of ``HRBA in our lives and works`` had caught the imagination of the participants. Everyone acknowledged that, at one time or other, they had boasted of following HRBA in their works. The present challenge was to explore how they themselves actually practiced Human Rights in their own lives. The meeting was set to consider the dichotomies in their lives. The participants had agreed to share in a structured way their feelings when human rights were violated and how they personally responded to such situations. They explored together how our early socialisation and later education and formation had prepared them against a human rights based approach. Now all were eager to explore how they could promote HRBA in their specific mission and in the way they run their organisations. They wanted to bring the UN Challenge of HRBA closer home in their lives and works. Read full text
A view of the SSF participants during the HRBA meeting on 22-23 November 2019 at Don Bosco Provincial House, Hyderabad.

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