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News Mumbai Province (INB)

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New Approach of Management and Development Leadership in South Asia
By Father Noel Maddhichetty, sdb
Mumbai, Aug. 22. The delegates of the Youth Pastoral Team and Province Development Network held a combined meeting for the first time in the history of SPCSA on 17-18 August 2018 at Jeevan Jyothi Retreat House, Begumpet, Hyderabad.
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The provincial of Hyderabad Father Vijayabhaskar Thathireddy, welcomed the gathering and explained some of the novel ventures carried by the Province of Hyderabad.

Father Maria Arokiam, the General Councillor for South Asia in his inaugural address spoke about the perspectives of the congregation about the inevitable necessity of synergy between youth ministry and social development in the provinces. He also emphasized the reality of vibrancy of the charismatic initiatives prevalent in the South Asian region compared to the other regions in the Salesian world.

In the first session of the day Father Noel Maddhichetty, the Director of Bosconet outlined the following as the objectives of the meeting: First short-term goal to plan and carry forward the second phase of strategic planning of the South Asian region.  Secondly to incorporate the findings of the need analysis that will be done by Tata Institute Social Sciences (TISS)  in the Organic Provincial Plan (OPP)  and Educative Pastoral Plan (EPP) of the provinces. As a result to arrive at a model of development in the South Asian region, which could be presented in the forthcoming General Chapter. Thirdly, to initiate a journey of  Networking, Synergy, and Collaboration between Youth Ministry and Development offices in the provincial and in the national level based on the new document for the model of Province Development Offices (PDO), on the topic of ''New Approach of Management and Development in South Asia''. The document was first time presented at the international PDO meeting at Nairobi 25 April 2018.

The document rechristens  PDO as Planning and Development office (PDO) of the Province. The primary scope and role of PDO would be the facilitating the planning and development of the whole province supporting Provincial Council and Youth Pastoral Ministry. Following are the salient points of the document: PDO is the resource think thank for planning and developmental needs in the province. Every PDO province should align towards a set standard procedure and systems. PDO should be at the disposable of the province to execute the developmental plans of the province. Youth Pastrol team and the PDO should work in collaboration with each other. Apart from the above salient points, he added the importance of aligning all the PDO regional developmental program to make a significant impact as Don Bosco Mission in India and the South Asian region.

Father Albert Johnson, the secretary of SPCSA  presented the outcome of the first phase of the strategic planning, to set in place a platform on which the second phase could be initiated.

Father Maria Charles, the youth pastoral delegate, challenged the participants with the current trends in the youth development and invited them to consider issues of social inclusions of all in the society, the participation of the youth in the decision-making processes, advocacy lobbying in collaboration with the youth. He also elicited the need to revisit our education processes, towards empowering of the youth for Nation Building as upright citizens as desired by Don Bosco.

Mr. Peeyush Priya, a senior research assistant from TISS presented the methodology and process of the impact and need analysis that will be carried across Don Bosco India in the next few months coordinated by the Salesian Vice Provincials of the provinces. The participants converged on the following emerging concerns of the youth development, which would be criteria to prepare the survey to identify the impact and need analysis:
1. Education to empowerment  2.Social inclusion 3.Lay partnerships 4. Youth participation in good governance 5. Human Rights Education and Gender Sensitivity Education 6. The accompaniment of the youth 7. Networking & Synergy in development initiatives 8. Eco concerns 9. Child and youth-friendly cities 10. Responsible citizenship 11. Ensuring good governance 12. Social Communication. The following four sectors of youth work were chosen for locating the survey: 1. Young at Risk,  2. Education Centres. 3. Skill Development program 4. Community-based organization. The primary target group would be of youth in the age group above 15 years. The assembly of delegates approved of perspectives of youth mission, sectors and the target group for the second phase of the strategic planning survey.

On the second day, the Youth Pastoral Delegates revisited the Organic Provincial Plans and Educative Pastoral Plans and reflected on the need to align them as per the human development plan which sets the basis of youth mission the province.  The Province Development office Directors met separately to plan for the implementation of three inter-provincial programs which would be coordinated and implemented by Bosconet through the PDO network: The Adult Literacy Program, Organic farming program and Capacity building for Civil Society organization. The sessions were planned and presented by Father Vincent Thamburaj, Assistant Director of Bosconet along with  Pooja Goel and Akanksha Singh.

The two meeting concluded on an optimistic note, with delegates pledging to work in the synergetic movement, marshalling all the resources and forces for the youth development in South Asia.


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