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News Kolkata Province (INC)

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Salesians Relaunch Catechetics India
By Father Nirmal Jamreet Toppo SDB
Kolkata, Aug. 27. Catechetics India, the revamped edition of the erstwhile journal was released in the format of magazine by Rev. Thomas D'Souza,  the Archbishop of Kolkata on September 26, 2018 at Don Bosco School, Park Circus. The event, participated by more than 150 people also had informative presentations on the upcoming Synod for youth.
Archbishop Thomas D`Souza of Kolkata releasing the first copy of the relaunched Catechetics India. Father Gilbert Choondal SDB, the chief editor of the magazine is next to him.
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The revamped issue of Catechetics India has 12 sections, each of them suffixed with the word CAT, dealing with catechesis on the Bible, the latest Catholic teachings, liturgy, church icons, faith in family, film catechism, needs of youth and catechism of activity. The cover story of the reborn issue of the magazine is the upcoming synod 2018 for youth. The content of the magazine differs much from the earlier journal format. The resumed issue targets families and catechists. The promotional video with the message ''A magazine for yourself and not your shelf,'' presents the way the magazine can be used like a text book, school work book and even like newspaper.

Appreciating the relaunching efforts of Father Gilbert Choondal SDB, the Chief Editor of the magazine, who has volunteered his service in the province of Kolkata for three years, the Archbishop said, ''Father Gilbert's voluntary presence in the catechetical work in our diocese is a big blessing which will hopefully continue more than three years.'' ''We all are catechists in our own families, educational institutions, work places, churches and societies. In this identity of ours, the magazine is very rich, very useful and big help for sowing the treasure called faith'' added the Archbishop. He also released the book The Power of Intercession by Father Jose Aymanathil SDB and said that the book contains inspiring explanations on prayer for deliverance and healing emerging from the experience of the author who has been engaged in the spiritual renewal ministry in the diocese since two decades.

''Use the icons available in the tradition of Catholic Church to teach catechism. Icons contain rich symbolism which are not apparent on the first look,'' said Father  Choondal while explaining 'VisualCat', one of the various sections of the magazine. Speaking on MovieCat,  he said that the magazine will pick up a film in every issue and like the current issue will provide ideas for film criticism and questions for deliberations in the light of Catholic faith. He also presented the different sections of the upcoming Synod for the youth.

Earlier, Father Francis Thathenkery, the provincial councillor for Evangelization and Catechesis acquainted the audience on the history of the magazine Catechetics India and the beginning of catechetical service from Nitika Don Bosco, the then Catechetical Centre begun in 1977. ''The relaunching of Catechetics India, the original work of Nitika, has rekindled the flame of catechetical effort from Nitika,'' said Father Thathenkery.

The participants in the event received a free copy of the magazine along with the forms of subscription. The quarterly is priced at Rs. 40 per copy and subscription is Rs. 160 annually and Rs. 450 for three years.


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