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7235-panama-laudato-si-generation-launched-at-world-youth-day-in-panama2019 ' >
Panama - Laudato Si' Generation launched at World Youth Day in Panama2019
By ANS - Panama City
Mumbai, Jan. 29. (ANS - Panama City) - Laudato Si' Generation was officially launched on 25 January during the celebration of the World Youth Day in Panama. Laudato Si' Generation, which is the youth branch of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, aims at becoming a global youth movement that works for environmental issues, especially climate justice.  Don Bosco Green Alliance and the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) are founding members of Laudato Si' Generation.
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Carina Baumgartner and Julia Marion Kerschhofer from SYM Austria were the Salesian representatives on the main stage of the World Youth Day at the lunch of Laudato Si' Generation. ''It was really inspiring being part of this special moment, especially since I was representing the SYM. Seeing all these people joining us in singing and hugging is something I will never forget. I am proud to be part of the Laudato Si' Generation!'' said Julia Marion Kerschhofer.

''It was an unforgettable moment to be on the main stage of the WYD and to represent Salesian youth worldwide during the launching action. We had the possibility to spread the Laudato Si' message to young people from all over the world and to invite them to join the Laudato Si' Generation. The highlight of this moment was the big hug, where we invited all people to the world's biggest hug. This was an amazing sign because it brought all people together, people that come from many different and far places, but united in one Mission: to take care of our earth, our common home,'' said Carina Baumgartner

Sending a message to the SYM globally, Julia said, ''Laudato Si' is something that everyone should be thinking of. Our planet needs a change NOW. Everyone can contribute, small or big, to make our planet the home we want to live in.''

''I want to invite all of us not to wait for others to take care of our earth. It's us - young people - who have the strength, courage and creativity to change something. Let the SYM not wait for others, but be an example for Laudato Si','' was the message from Carina.

''Don Bosco Green Alliance is thrilled to be a founding member of Laudato Si' Generation'' said Fr Savio Silveira sdb, Convener of the Don Bosco Green Alliance. ''Young people feel strongly the urgency of responding to the ecological crisis, and we Salesians must support their efforts for a safe and sustainable world,'' added Fr Silveira.

Fr Joshtrom Kureethadam sdb, Coordinator of the Sector 'Ecology and Creation' at the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, applauded this new initiative. ''Laudato Si' Generation is a grassroot movement of young people to care for our 'common home'. They are telling us that we need to come together and act urgently and radically,'' said Fr. Kureethadam.

''Young people are passionate about the planet.  It is marvellous to note the enthusiasm as young people engage in searching for ways to protect our Home.  It is not only the statements made, but the lived experience of keeping the area clean, collecting plastic for recycling and reminding participants that we are a Laudatory Si' Generation,'' said Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb from Papua New Guinea, present at the WYD in Panama.



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Panama - Laudato Si` Generation launched at World Youth Day in Panama2019
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